Used Car Buying Advice
Used Car Buying Advice

Used Car Buying Advice

For most people, used car buying is the second-largest purchase they’ll ever make.

Naturally, they’ll worry about things that can go wrong, but today’s car buyers are much more empowered than in times past because of the Internet. Most of the groundwork for used car buying can be done before ever setting foot in a dealership, so make sure to utilize it fully.

Research the Car

The Internet allows anyone to look at any kind of car they like. Buyers can customize a car, see it from any angle, compare prices of various dealers, and so on. No one should ever go to a dealer ‘just to look.’ Everything is online – car ratings, reviews, manufacturer’s specifications, among others. Buyers should research all the options and narrow their choices down to a few used cars. Research doesn’t have to be online, of course. Look around at the cars people drive. Ask them their opinions. Knowledge is power. The more information buyers gather, the better.

Budget Realistically

One problem with used car buying is that people fall in love with a car before they determine if they can afford it. Title, taxes, and fees can add up to a hefty sum, especially these days. Making a budget early on is very important. Research will inform buyers as to a car’s price range, which they can then use to calculate things like taxes. Make sure to account for options and accessories. Check into tax credits and rebates, especially if buying a fuel-efficient car. Don’t assume anything – double-check.

Organize Funds

Buyers should always know how they’ll pay for the car before going to a car dealership. Are they planning to trade-in their current car? Will they sell it privately? Will financing be necessary? If so, buyers can try to get pre-approval through their financial institutions so that they don’t get stuck with a costly car dealer’s financing. Some of this information will surface in research – dealers might have great financing plans or banks might be unwilling to lend in the current climate. This should all be worked out in advance.

Find a Good Dealer

Dealerships have mostly moved on from old-fashioned, high-pressure selling scenarios, but buyers should still check. Sales satisfaction rankings are now very important to dealerships. Buyers should research the local dealerships and find out how they rank in satisfaction and customer reviews. If possible, get a quote before going to the dealership. Print it out and bring it.

At the Dealership

Buyers should only go to the dealership to test drive a car they know they’re likely to buy. It’s always possible that upon driving a car, they’ll discover they hate it – which is why test drives are still so important – but dealerships are not for browsing. Buyers should test drive the car and if they approve of it, start into negotiations with the dealer.

That negotiation should be relatively brief due to the buyers’ knowledge of the car. Researching beforehand saves time and headaches during this negotiating process. By following this advice, buyers will be purchasing from a position of strength and will be assured they’re making a wise decision.

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