How to Buy a Car at a Dealership?
How to Buy a Car at a Dealership?

How to Buy a Car at a Dealership?

There is almost no one who enjoys the process of going to a car dealership to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Can there be any activity so intimidating, frustrating, and fraught with peril? There is hope and help available for readers who need to undergo this most unpleasant of activities. This article covers the means of buying a car at a dealership.

Materials Necessary for this Project:

– A Printer
– Internet Access
– A Helper
– Your Checkbook

Pre-Negotiating Prep Work

Before you leave for the car dealership, there are a number of important activities that you will want to complete. First, you have to determine precisely which make, model, and color of vehicle that you desire. On top of this you also need to figure out the trim package and options in which you are interested.

Next, get on to the Internet. Find out what the official invoice price of this precise vehicle is. Stampede Auto offers all of this information at their phenomenal, and better still free, website at This invoice price proves to be the dollar amount which the dealership itself pays the car manufacturer for the vehicle in question. This number is far less than is the manufacturers suggested retail price, better known as the MSRP. Print out the information found on this website page.

Figuring Out the Financing

Once you have learned the real cost of the vehicle in which you are interested, you have to determine how you will be able to pay for it. To do this, you have to figure out which interest rate that you will be able to qualify for, as a result of your credit history. This can be easily accomplished via filling out a car loan application at, or at your local bank or credit union. The rates which they offer to you should be within a point of each other. Some people are fortunate enough to have access to a line of credit or a home equity loan at a better rate than they are offered for the car loan. By all means, use this, if either of them are available to you.

Setting up an Appointment at the Dealership

Now it is time to move in for the proverbial kill. Begin by calling the nearest dealership, both your job and the place where you live. Speak with the sales managers at both dealerships. Be certain that she or he has the precise vehicle in stock on which you have settled. If not, they need to be capable of obtaining it in only a day or two.

At this point, it is time to set up an appointment with the dealership to come sit down and negotiate the deal. This next step is critical. Only make an appointment to visit the dealership on either the day before the last day of the month, or the last day of the month itself. Each and every dealership must make monthly goals, and if your deal is the one which helps them reach it or exceed it, then they will be more inclined to get your deal done than to watch you drive off in your present vehicle. It is a sure bet that they do not want to watch you drive to the nearest competitor’s showroom to buy the same vehicle.

Negotiating the Deal

It is important to have the dealership sales person show you the car, so that you know that it is really in stock. Do not test drive it. This test drive is intended to make you the car buyer fall under the spell, so that you go through with an emotion based car buying decision.

Instead, sit down with either the sales manager, or with the sales person that he or she recommends if the manager is not available. Wave your printed out information of the invoice price and MSRP in front of them. Put it on their desk, and tell them that you will drive off of the lot with the car right then and there for the invoice price less $500. Should they agree, shake hands and sign the paper work. If they do not, understand that your negotiation process should involve moving up in only $100 increments until the invoice price itself is reached.

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