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Our dealership has been Serving Calgary Alberta since 2013.

We specialize in used cars and always try to get the best deals for our customers.


At Stampede Auto we are here to serve and assist you with all your automotive needs!


With over 80 units in stock and growing we are sure to get you the best deals in the used car market.


Feel free to contact us and test drive one of our cars today. We value your business. Referrals are welcome and remember we pay cash for referrals.


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Car finance and car loans have become an essential part of the car-buying process in Canada. With the increasing cost of vehicles, most Canadians opt for car loans to make their dream car a reality. Car finance can help you purchase a car that you might not have been able to afford otherwise. Browse our inventory and check out some of our great financeable vehicles!


Finding a car loan might be difficult for individuals with Bad Credit or No Credit at all. However, Stampede Auto is a car dealership that can offer solutions to bad credit auto financing. We offer solutions and guidance through our exclusive credit Rebuilding program. Our Finance team members are experts in helping people with less-than-perfect credit scores get approved for car finance and auto loans. At Stampede Auto we understand that a poor credit score does not always reflect a person’s ability to repay a loan, and we are committed to helping Canadians get behind the wheel of their dream car. Apply here to have a finance specialist call you!


Stampede Auto specializes in credit rebuilding and helps people with bad credit auto loans. Stampede Auto has a lot of experience in providing car loans to Canadians with bad credit. Stampede Auto is committed to helping Canadians get behind the wheel of their dream car, regardless of their financial situation.


Short-term and long-term auto loans are also available at Stampede Auto. To guarantee that we can give our customers the best car payments, car prices, and the lowest interest rates and conditions possible, we collaborate with a variety of lenders. This means that when you finance your automobile with Stampede Auto, you can be sure that you are getting the greatest offer.


The outstanding customer service at Stampede Auto makes it the finest place in Calgary to finance a car. The company’s skilled and professional team will work with you to get you the right loan, the right payment, and the right ride while assisting you in understanding the vehicle financing procedure. They are dedicated to giving their clients a stress-free and flawless experience.


In conclusion, car finance and car loans are excellent options for Canadians who want to purchase a car, even if they have bad credit. The company offers flexible loan options, competitive interest rates, and excellent customer service, making it the best place to find any credit car loans in Calgary. So, if you are looking to finance your next car, make sure to choose Stampede Auto for a stress-free and seamless experience. Call us today, or visit us in store, or apply online for your new car!
To schedule a test drive, you can either give us a call or fill out any form on our website. Please state you would like to “test drive a car” and we would be glad to help!
Yes, we have a large inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles of various makes and models. You can browse our inventory online or come into the dealership to see what we have in stock. To see our inventory, click here.
Absolutely, we take trade-ins. If you have a vehicle you would like to trade in towards the purchase of a used car, our team can provide you with a trade-in appraisal. Fill out this form Sell your car and a representative will call you shortly.
Yes, we have a variety of financing options available to our customers. Our finance team can work with you to find a loan or lease option that fits your budget. Apply here to have a finance specialist call you!
Yes, we have financing options available for customers with less-than-perfect credit. Our finance team can work with you to find a loan that fits your budget and helps you build or rebuild your credit. Apply here to have a finance specialist call you!
Click here to apply for financing. Get approved in minutes! Fill out this form online or call us today at 403-888-8174. Financing can be done online, over the phone, or in person at our dealership. You will need to provide some personal and financial information to complete the application.
The following documents could be requested from you when you submit an application for financing: Proof of income, such as pay stubs, Bank statements, and tax returns Proof of residence, such as a utility bill or rental agreement A valid driver's license Proof of insurance
Before you start shopping for a car, you can get pre-approved here. This will give you an idea of your loan amount, interest rate, and monthly payment. The lender will check your credit score and financial information to determine your eligibility for a loan. A higher credit score could make it simpler to be approved for financing and might also mean that you get a lower interest rate car loan.
When an automobile is sold, a down payment is a sum of money paid toward the purchase of the vehicle. A down payment can cut the loan amount you need to finance and potentially lessen your monthly payments. Additionally, it can ease financing eligibility and lead to a reduced interest rate. Apply here to see if you qualify for 0 down and instant approval at Stampede Auto!
Yes, used cars can be financed. The terms and conditions of used car financing vary depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, your credit history, and your financial circumstances. Many lenders and dealerships provide financing alternatives for used cars. Check out our used car Inventory here!
Yes absolutely. A credit score is only one of many factors that lenders look at, there are multiple factors including income, money down, co-signers, and credit history. If you have bad credit, it could be more challenging to get approved for financing, but it is still feasible. Click here to apply now and have a Credit finance specialist call you. At Stampede Auto we have several lenders who specialize in assisting clients with low credit.
A loan is a form of financing in which you borrow money to purchase a car and then make payments to repay the loan over time. In a lease, you make payments in exchange for the right to drive an automobile for a predetermined amount of time before returning it or buying it outright. If you’re looking for a loan or lease apply here!
All credit is accepted. The lowest credit score to buy a car varies by lender and your credit history along with several factors. A credit score is only one of many factors that lenders look at, there are multiple factors including income, money down, co-signers, and credit history. Click here to apply now and have a Credit finance specialist call you.
Not necessarily, there are several factors lenders look at. However, a down payment could help get an approval if an individual has bad credit. This is to offset the risk to the lender and show the individual's commitment to the loan. Apply here to have a finance specialist call you! You may qualify for 0 down and instant approval!
To improve the chances of getting a car loan with bad credit, one can consider saving a larger down payment, finding a co-signer, or making improvements to their credit score by financing a smaller auto loan. Apply here to have a finance specialist call you!
At Stampede Auto we partner with multiple banks and financial institutions to provide car loans to customers. The easiest bank to get a car loan from at Stampede Auto will depend on the individual's credit history and income. Apply here to get an easy approval
We strive to provide accurate and transparent information about the condition of our vehicles. All our vehicles go through a comprehensive inspection, and any damage or problems are made known to prospective customers. We also provide a vehicle history report (Carfax), which will detail the history of ownership and upkeep of the vehicle as well as any recorded collisions or damage. Browse our inventory and ask for a Carfax!
Yes, we do offer car protection plans that offer extra coverage over and beyond the warranty offered by the manufacturer. These plans can help protect against unexpected repair costs and can be customized to fit your needs.
Throughout the year, we offer specials and rebates on our used cars. For more information about our current offerings, please visit our website or get in touch with us. Keep an eye on our Home page for upcoming deals!
AJ Robless
I want to give a big shout out to Matteo, for being an absolute gem of a person. If you’re tired of dealing with those typical car salesman, he’s your guy. I use to sell cars and know how toxic that work environment can be. It was refreshing to feel like they were just genuinely trying to help and get the car that you want and deserve. Plus, the entire team was just very pleasant to deal with. Thanks for the experience everyone!
Abdallah Faleh
Great down to earth staff, easy going and have best prices for cars in town
Thank you for the great car!
moe fahs
Great staff great inventory and very simple process. Highly Recommended!
Ali Hamadiya
Bought Mercedes for my wife and absolutely love it. They also went above and beyond with the delivery. They completed everything I asked them to do. Highly recommended!!
Tien Pham
Buying a car from Stampede Auto was an amazing experience. Everyone was so helpful. I had challenged credit myself, but got approved very fast with Owen. The car I bought was about four years old, but literally looked like it came out of a showroom. Matteo made sure that all my needs and expectations were met. He is such a great person and was very knowledgeable about the products. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market to buy a car.
Hocine Bahi
Outstanding experience! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable. They had an impressive selection of cars, and I found the perfect one for me.
Hafiza Elrafih
Went in to find a new vehicle for my youngest boy, was greeted at the doors by a very pleasant young man. After explaining what I was looking for, and browsing their selection I was happy to move forward with a nice Honda civic as it is his first car. Definitely will be coming back for my own car when the times comes!
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