How to Buy a Used SUV - Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
How to Buy a Used SUV - Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

How to Buy a Used SUV - Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are popular vehicles because of their size and utilitarian functionality. Consumers can haul items and a greater number of passengers more comfortably in a used SUV. With the recent rise in fuel prices, many individuals are evaluating their need for a used SUV. The introduction of hybrid SUVs have made the SUV more attractive in terms of fuel prices. Large families, real estate agents or tall passengers may all need an SUV to accommodate their needs. However, other individuals find use and desire for these types of vehicles as well.

How to Purchase a Used SUV

Determine the important features of the vehicle. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Are you concerned about safety features?
• Are you concerned about performance?
• Are you concerned about reliability?
• Are you concerned about interior capacity?
• Are you concerned about fuel costs?
• Are you concerned about exterior appearance?

Example of Selecting Desired Features

Once you determine your needs and rank the needs by order of importance, selecting an used SUV will become easier. For instance, an individual may desire a vehicle with the following features:

• Back Up Camera
• Blind Spot Warning System
• Braking Guard
• Lane Departure Warning System
• Side Impact Airbags
• Side Curtain Airbags
• Rear Side Impact Airbags
• Hybrid – Economical on Fuel
• Low Maintenance Costs
• Large Cargo and Interior Space
• Sporty, Luxurious Exterior and Interior

After reviewing the list of this consumer’s needs, a reader will quickly identify that this person’s primary concern is safety. The person wants its passengers and cargo to be safe first and foremost. However, they desire for the vehicle to be aesthetically appealing and fuel efficient. Furthermore, the vehicle should be easy and economical to maintain. Additionally, the vehicle should be spacious.

Vehicle Reviews

Armed with this information, consumers should consult several car reviews online to determine the vehicles that match the criteria selected. Reputable magazines and publications such as World Report,, and others will provide independent reviews of SUV’s in the class consumers are seeking. The same consumer in the previous example may peruse the list of top ranked vehicles in its class. After review, the consumer may find that they desire a luxury SUV in the price range of approximately $40,000. Establish a budget prior to shopping for a vehicle to avoid overspending or shopping based upon emotion.

Narrow the Selection and Find a Dealer

Determine which vehicles appeal to the consumer. Narrow the selection to the top three vehicles. Call around for quotes. Find the dealers that are willing to negotiate and offer the best prices on vehicles before visiting the dealer. Make an appointment with the internet salesperson or the telephone salesperson.

Determine Financing for the Vehicle

Determine financing for the vehicle before going to the dealer. Consumers who find the deal they want would prefer not want to be surprised if the financing is not favorable to their budget. Consider all aspects of the deal prior to visiting the dealership.

Test Drive the Vehicles

Test drive the vehicles to determine the best vehicle for your lifestyle. Refrain from exhibiting preference to the sales person, even if you are in love with the vehicle. This may influence your negotiating power.

Select the Vehicle and Negotiate the Price

Negotiate the price. Try to determine the wholesale price of the vehicle. Offer the dealer only a reasonable percentage over the price in order to pay a commission, profit, delivery and advertising costs.

If you are considering buying a used SUV, we can assure you that teaming up with Stampede Auto is the best option.

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