What Used Car Should I Buy?
What Used Car Should I Buy?

What Used Car Should I Buy?

Car companies clamor for the public’s attention, promising rebates, 0% APR financing, specials deals, and free options. It is a bewildering, bamboozling and baffling experience. How is the average Canadian, with a mortgage, job and 2.4 kids, able to succinctly select the best used car? Read this guide.

Check Out the Body

Cars come in a confusing gamut of body styles, and none of them are equal. Some claim cargo space, while others promise passengers a comfortable, roomy ride. Some thrive on rock and grit; others flounder beyond the asphalt. A body style should be chosen based upon anticipated amount of passengers, cargo needs, terrain expectations, and desired spaciousness. There are a multitude options, the most popular including:

Coupe: 2-door car;
Sedan: 4-door car;
Hatchback: 5-door car;
Minivan: 3- or 4-door 5-7 passenger small van;
Convertible: 3- to 4- door 7-15 passenger full-size van;
SUV: sport utility vehicle;
Crossover: car chassis-based SUV;
Pick-up: 2-door flatbed truck;
Quad cab: 2-door, 4-passenger truck;
Extended cab: 4-door, short-bed truck;

And – believe it or not – many more. To add to the discombobulation, each of these styles may come in small (compact), medium (mid-size), or large (full-size) sizes. Panicking? Don’t. Find out each body style’s capabilities, and choose accordingly.

Pine for Panache and Pizzazz?

The body style is but a skeleton. It needs sinew, skin, and a persona. Add some zing with stylish design and jazz up the interior with chic and techno phobic features.

Base features may include air conditioning (single, dual-zone and tree-zone control), cruise control, adjustable driver/passenger seats, CD/MP3 players and a small stereo system.

Intermediate amenities may include remote/keyless start, leather upholstery, leather-wrapped brick-a-brac, heated and cooled seats, xenon headlamps, upgraded stereos with USB input, running boards, exterior decor, sunroof/moon roof and steering-wheel-mounted controls.

Advanced options may include upgraded transmissions, extensive exterior and interior alterations, heated and cooled cup holders, premium stereos, DVD entertainment systems, navigation systems, Bluetooth, park assist, blind-zone alert systems, GPS and heated mirrors.

New or used Car? Depends. New: better warranty, less hassle, cleans out cash; pre-owned: cheaper (60-70% after three years), more hassle, bigger bank account.

Buying for the Brand

While everyone would like a “dark horse,” a cheap, incredible vehicle that no one knows about, most must rely on brand reputation. Place precedence on reliable, renowned brands with a steady track record of success. Ford targets consumer preference; BMW offers a sporty experience; Toyota is built on dependability; Kia is for the coupon-clippers; Audi offers luxury; Porsche strives for perfection.

A Deal You Can’t Refuse

Vehicles are available either through dealerships, private persons or online sellers. Dealerships may offer financing, warranties and options, while private parties typically sell “as-is” – for a lower price. Online sales experiences vary via seller.

Used car buying doesn’t require a Ph.D. – just patience and knowledge. You now have the latter; the former is up to you.

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